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Hunters & Hunting Clubs

We offer a 2-hour commemorative package of your pheasant hunting experience in and around Huron, South Dakota. After capturing your pre-hunt group photo, our drone pilot will hang back slightly behind your group and record your hunt- you (and the pheasants!) will hardly know we're there. Post hunt, we'll grab a quick group "brag" shot of all your trophies!

The Hunting Package includes:

` Still shots of your hunting party & equipment

` Continuous video footage for (4) 25 minute segments 

` All raw shots and video footage 

` Edited shots and video with music

` Delivered on a high quality flash drive 

Price: $500

* All services subject to FAA approval and weather conditions

* Interim battery changes will be required per 25 min segments and take      approximately 5 minutes per change. 

* Drone records no audio

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